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The silver lining

So you heard my story and this is what I learnt from it. If you haven’t heard it then I implore you to go read, “Home is where the heart is” before you read this.

Good, so now we are all on the same page. I came here at a young age (I am still at a young age) with problems I thought I could escape from. That was my first mistake. My second was that I did not know how to face them after realizing I couldn’t run. Then came the solution, the silver lining. My faith in God shone through like never before. Through that faith I saw that I needed to stay educated, with education the world becomes much clearer. I’m not talking about just formal education; no I’m talking about street smarts as well as book smarts. Keeping your eyes and ears wide open. In fact, I even took this semester off to realize this. A semester away from the ball and chains of a school regime, I took some time to sit back and close my eyes for a bit so that I could see clearer.

This is my time to listen and learn. A lot of what I just said didn’t happen overnight. I fell and that’s ok. It’s human nature to want to sit and sulk for a bit. Thanks to my faith and the brutal words from somebody who clearly cares, I can see myself getting back up. I started to read books on success, watch old, great movies that I never would have had the time to watch, and I learnt the most valuable lesson of all. Time. We all want time. Time to spend with our families. Time to grab a drink with some old buddies. Time to have fun and enjoy the finer things. How do we get time? What steps must we take to put ourselves in a position where we have the time we want?

That is my silver lining. Understanding that I need to get those questions answered. It took a tornado to hit me for me to unearth this simple concept, time.

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