The King vs Indianapolis

Picture created by Emory

Picture created by Emory

LeBron ‘King James’ James is arguably the best basketball player in the league today. I am no LeBron fan so I am not here to argue whether or not I believe this is true or not. I am not even a Miami Heat fan, however, I have a passion for basketball and therefore the entire league in general. Right now Miami is on their way to joining other great teams in accomplishing what is known as a “three peat”. This is when one basketball team wins 3 World Championships back to back. They currently have two and are well on their way for their third this year. Equipped with their very own big three: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. These three pillars have come together, as of a 2010-2011 trade, to crush the competition in hopes of making history! This is seen here, where LeBron himself says he wants multiple championships with this team. Who or what is going to stop him?

With that being said, this 2013-2014 season started off with the Indiana Pacers starting things off with a bang. When I say bang I mean 9 straight games without losing. Even after that impressive run ended, I saw a team ready and willing to take on the Heat. The very same team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year and the year before, at the very same position! For three years in a row the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers have made it to the Eastern Conference finals and every time they’ve met, the Heats come out as victors.

That must stir a fire in your gut!

I am here to talk about that fire. That feeling of retribution, passion and drive to WIN!

It calls for great basketball! 

Great basketball indeed! The last game that aired Tuesday night was spectacular. To fill you in on what exactly is the playoffs and how it works, basically it is a tournament that after the entire season is over, teams are ranked based on the number of wins obtained that season. Only the top 8 of the two conferences, the East and the West Conference, participate in this tournament. Right now Miami and Indiana are battling it out to survive and advance to the NBA finals.

Battle of survival it is!

As the star, a lot of the load of performing is placed upon LeBron’s shoulders. As huge as they may be, still a very large burden to bear. Meanwhile, the underdogs have an up and coming star, but the team still carries the load and they have done so in the last two games so well. Indiana is working together and playing basketball that I’m sure all of us love to watch. This was seen especially in the first game and even in the second, where they incurred a loss.

Unfortunately, they did lose. It’s not the fact that they did lose; it’s how they lost. Their up and coming star, Paul George, may not have played well but they held The King down to 8 points by the start of the third quarter.

Not a very throne-worthy performance.

Yet he did bounce back and finish the game with 22 points while George ended with 14. Notably, only 3 Miami players ended with double-digit points while 5 guys from the Pacers did. One man vs an entire team? 

Sure, but I don’t think it was this man…

Miami veteran, Dwayne Wade, stood out to me most. Not only has he outscored LeBron in both encounters with the Pacers so far, but also his points come in at the most opportune time. Every basketball analyst knows your performance isn’t always measured on the stats sheet. In this case Dwayne Wade’s performance is seen on and off the stats sheet.

Having played all 10 years of his professional basketball career in Miami, won a championship (prior to The King’s arrival) along side future Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, and two more with The King, I believe that Wade leaves more than just his mark on every crucial game that Miami needs to win.


LeBron maybe King James but is he really The King of Miami?

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2 thoughts on “The King vs Indianapolis

  1. judydeterville says:

    Nicely articulated, so much that even a non-basketball fan can enjoy and more importantly, understand.

    • Emory says:

      Thank you, I tried to make sure to keep the basketball jargon minimal and explain any terms I did use.

      Thanks for noticing! Need to keep my readers in the loop and not be lost. 🙂

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