Blood moon!?




Well staying up at 2 in the morning surely isn’t too costly of a task for a student! On April 15, 2014 it was predicted that there would be a lunar eclipse known as a blood moon. This is a link for more information on this interesting activity but what I want to know is who actually got a chance to see it? As if I were a child on Christmas morning, I waited for 2:00 am promptly this morning. I DIDN’T get to see it! I did however get links to watch it online but those don’t interest me at all. I wanted to see it in the sky itself or back to bed!

What do you guys think? Did you get to see it? Feel free to leave a comment or email me and it would be interesting to know which part of the world you were in at the time. Here in Ottawa maybe it was too cloudy.

Emory’s World will return to regular programming with the next blog on April 20th.

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2 thoughts on “Blood moon!?

  1. judydeterville says:

    Sadly I did not see it either. I thought perhaps it was because I am on the other side of the equator. Maybe next year…

    • Emory says:

      I heard some complaints from the other side of the equator as well. Then again I heard from a friend in England that he was able to see it clearly. He even took a breathe taking picture. Thanks for sharing!

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