Blogger by day, Hero at night!

Anything can happen after midnight in these streets of Ottawa. A casual walk home from enjoying the night out with friends can turn into a story of a damsel in despair in need of help. That’s exactly what happened last night! Backing out of a cab was a gorgeous young brunette coaxing her equally as beautiful blonde friend to do the same task. It was a task indeed; it didn’t take me two steps passed them to realize that this girl needed help. As I offered my services, which was pleasantly denied, her blonde roommate decides to prove to her that my assistance was needed. She begins to gyrate and easily slips out of the hands of the brunette in her attempt to walk on her own. Convinced, she asks me my name as she allows me to hold up her friend and we begin to walk. With one arm around her roommate and one arm around this new stranger, the confused blonde swivels her head in my direction and back trying to assess the situation. Distressed by our attempts to make it seem like she couldn’t walk on her own, she bolts off down the street with her roommate at her heels. I wanted to run but I knew she wouldn’t get far and low and behold they barely made it halfway down the block when they collided into each other and fell over.

This was the only serious part of this anecdote because the blonde fell into the street. So I quickly picked her up and brought her to safety. The two girls were laughing and enjoying themselves the entire time, honestly so was I. It was so good to see loyalty between two roommates like that. Especially on the last fall where the blonde got hurt and her roommate vowed to stay there on the ground with her as long as she wanted. Not to mention how stunning they were doing everything with drunken grace, would love to see them work together under normal circumstances. Anyway to make a short story long, I helped her get her friend through the door and continued my casual walk home.

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2 thoughts on “Blogger by day, Hero at night!

  1. judydeterville says:

    I remember walking through the streets of Peterborough after dark as well. And beneath a pale yellow moon, those were some lovely days; well nights really.!

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